About Us

Coyote Moon was opened in June of 1989 by Michelle Walker.  She had a dream of connecting her working life with her passion for the development of human potential.  Her love of clothing and desire to be part of the healing of personal and collective human wounds led to a new business model emerging.  The foundation of the business involved exploring healing, personal development, and spirituality, with the well-being of every staff person and customer at its center.

The workplace is a special learning environment, where self-discovery is valued as an essential contribution to strengthening the whole.  Each staff member is committed to doing their best possible work, generously offering their unique gifts and talents, while also expanding their awareness.  Coyote Moon is really a composite of our collective creative energy.  So much love is poured forth to create a welcoming and inspiring environment in the spirit of empowering everyone who walks through our door.

On November 15th, 2021, Lisa Fagin became the new owner of Coyote Moon.  She fell in love with the essence of Coyote Moon from her first visit 8 years ago and is thrilled at this wonderful opportunity to continue to provide the beautiful, nurturing, and vibrant environment for which the store is beloved. 

Lisa shares a deep appreciation of the ‘Boutique that speaks to the heart,’ and intends for the business’ vision to continue to be a place where customers find soul nourishment, as she also adds her flair and makes the store an extension of her own creation over time.